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Value. Commitment. Integrity.

The key ingredient to the success of Eminence Maintenance & Building Services is the strength of our team and the emphasis we place on the three words above: value, commitment, and integrity. By keeping these three words in the forefront of our approach, we ensure that each customer contact is a stellar experience. Read below to learn more about how this focus is reflected in our exemplary team.


Eminence Maintenance & Building Services, LLC, was conceptualized out of a necessity to fill a niche in the service industry. As a tenured professional in the private sector, our founder noticed a recurring theme from customers and in her own experiences, and she realized that there was an opportunity to develop a service company who could achieve two goals: The first was to provide competent, exemplary service where the problem is handled correctly on the first contact. The second goal was to provide exemplary customer service during each phase of the service interaction, from the first phone call to the end of the service visit. Out of these two goals, Eminence Maintenance & Building Services was born, and over the past ten years Eminence has built a reputation upon placing these two goals at the forefront of  every connection we make. We view these two goals as more than just a lucid dream, but a strategic business model. By completing each job to perfection, it increases customer satisfaction and allows our technicians to enjoy their work.

Our focus on customer satisfaction gives us the benefit of enjoying a high rate of customer returns and referrals. This not only allows our company to maintain a healthy stance in the industry, but it also creates a family-like atmosphere when dealing with clients we’ve known for years. Wait no further – contact us today and experience the Eminence Maintenance & Building Services difference for yourself.

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